The Story of Me! (My FIRST blog post)

I truly feel called to publicly share my journey and this passion of health with others. In hopes that I can touch a few lives who relate to my story and influence them to find whole person health and have the ability to live their dreams. Everyone deserves a chance at REALLY living.

Hi, Lauren here, I am a serial perfectionist. Scratch that, I USED to be a serial perfectionist. I ran from any chance of being vulnerable, not looking perfect and I was full of shame. (If you aren’t familiar with shame..I wasn’t until recently..give Brene Brown a try..she is life changing)

From a very young age I so desperate to be accepted and loved by everyone. I wanted to feel like I belonged and was terrified of ruffling feathers. These fears were applicable in every area of my life. As I grew, so did these fears and eventually they turned into generalized anxiety. I couldn’t go anywhere without thinking of the worst outcomes. I was terrible at making friends. I was terrified of taking chances because looking like a failure wasn’t an option. I was loyal to a fault and lacked some serious self love.

Eventually I channeled that anxiety and became super type A. During college I worked a few jobs, went to a tough school and majored in something I didn’t plan on studying. During this time I thought it was AWESOME and because of my hard work I had a job lined up before graduation. I was going places. I was in a constant state of stress and wore it like a badge of honor because I was tough and could do anything without the help of others. After graduation these habits and my stress levels were my normal life. It was how I operated on a daily basis and all seemed normal. I never made time to truly take care of myself.

Over the next few years I made terrible relationship choices, friends and otherwise. Your twenties are for growing and I was doing just that. Having fun and trying to climb that ladder (what I didn’t know) at the expense of my health.

I finally met a really AMAZING guy. Someone who was life partner material. Things escalated quickly and within one and half years we were married, making a move from Michigan to Pennsylvania and shortly after I was pregnant with our first babe. I took those challenges head on! We didn’t know a single soul in Pennsylvania and were just getting the hang of being newly weds. I was in the middle of interviewing for (what I thought) were some very impressive jobs when I found out our sweet Scarlett was in my belly. I made a decision to not find work and would stay at home with her. This was a huge shock to my ego (especially the one of what society thought I should be doing). My thinking began to change.

I have always been small framed and at a very low processed food diet, however, it definitely was not well rounded and I probably wasn’t eating enough because I was always on the go. In pregnancy I began to research ( I research everything) and decided on a more natural approach to pregnancy, labor and delivery. My eating habits changed significantly, I had a very healthy, symptomless pregnancy – I felt great. My sweet Scarlett was born in a hospital without any form of intervention, just like I had hoped. Her birth was traumatic for me and I ended up needing more recovery time than I had taken. I’ll save the details of her birth for later.

At home, a new mom and an infant without a support system besides my husband. I was exclusively breastfeeding, not sleeping and not eating. Four months postpartum and I felt like my body was shutting down. My heart wouldn’t stop racing, I felt sick after eating, lost a ton of weight and was panicky all of the time. My life style had caught up to me and I landed myself in the emergency room. However, I walked out of there with a diagnosis of “postpartum anxiety and should take meds.. eat more and do some yoga”. Now I am not discrediting any of those things but no one checked my nutrient levels, no one gave me true ways to handle stress and there was no alternatives to handling postpartum anxiety besides pharmaceutical drugs.

This had me spinning, I lived in the worst case, what-if scenarios for months. I truly felt there was something wrong and I was just getting misdiagnosed. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research and found an adrenal specialist, a functional medicine doctor, a killer therapist, chiropractor and some mom-friends did I start to feel like my new, old-self again.

I was severely nutrient deficient, my circadian rhythm was a mess, my digestive system was sluggish, had a moderate gut dysbiosis (good and bad bacteria imbalance), my cortisol levels were constantly high and my hormones were not regulating like they should. The journey to restoring my heath was extensive and I am still working on it over 3 years later. The changes I saw simply by nourishing my body, resetting my circadian rhythm and making time for self-care was absolutely mind blowing. I started to feel better than I ever had in my entire life. Now, my protocol wasn’t just working on those 3 areas, there was a lot more involved (again, information for another time). I went on to have a second beautiful baby girl named Josephine. She is a home birth baby, and her pregnancy and postpartum was supported solely with herbs and nutrition. It was an amazing experience to be vibrant through those beautiful seasons. These experiences lit a fire inside of me and I felt what it’s like to truly find my passion.

I spent many hours doing research to learn as much information about a holistic life style as possible. I was aiding in the healing of my family and friends from the little I had experienced. It felt so good that I wanted to devote my life to helping others who have experienced the same things. I needed to know more and I found the perfect avenue to do that. I am currently enrolled in the Holistic Wellness Pathway at Hill College where I’m studying to become a wellness coach, holistic nutrition consultant and a registered herbalist.

If you read this whole post, thank you. I promise they will get better as I get the hang of blogging…

But for now.. I hope my story can be of inspiration to you and you will let me be your guide to finding holistic harmony in your life.